Do You Want to Be a Part of Our Team?

Are you an experienced professional and want to know more about Andulf and our way of doing business? We are always interested in lawyers with a genuine interest in the private equity industry, and who share our philosophies, to join our firm.

Martin Pilotti


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Are You a Student?

Have you graduated recently? Or maybe you have worked a few years and are looking for a new opportunity?
As a junior associate at Andulf, you work more closely with partners than at any other law firm we know of. This gives you hands-on experience working on live cases at an early stage in your career. Of course, our ambition is that you continue at Andulf and eventually become a partner here.

Marie Larsson


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"We respect each other, value integrity, skip the prestige, have fun and always do our best to provide quality to our clients. Those are all reasons that I enjoy and am proud of being part of Andulf. "

Partner and admitted to the Swedish Bar

Julia Brugge

Julia Brugge

Mattias Persson

Mattias Lagebro

"At Andulf you can expect a fast-pace environment and colleagues with a passion for business and creating value."


"To us, the people that work here are always most important. "

Partner and admitted to the Swedish Bar

Anders Appell

Anders Appell

Q&A With Marie
Partner at Andulf

What are the benefits of working at a niche/boutique law firm?

It allows us to work with the most interesting and complex assignments, while at the same time maintaining the benefits of a smaller working place. Several of us have background with larger full-service firms and we feel comfortable when claiming that Andulf represents a more human, friendly and cooperative environment where the work of each person is truly important to the business.

Why is Andulf a suitable working place early in my career?

We staff our assignments with relatively small teams compared to competitors, two to four persons (always comprising at least one partner), and each person will be involved throughout the project – from start-up meeting to closing. As a junior colleague you will from the start get insight in and experience from the several phases of a project and work closely together with your more senior colleagues and partners. This gives an opportunity for you to develop fast (where being bogged down in due diligence at a big firm does the opposite).

Why would I want to develop into an expert in private equity?

Private Equity is essential to allow ideas, new technology and companies to grow and it can take on various forms, from complex leveraged buyouts to venture capital. It is used as a political tool to support entrepreneurship, growth, innovation and employment. You will be able to contribute and add value in a large variety of environments – from the start-up scene to larger buy-out firms and governmental investment programs and institutions.

What makes Andulf unique?

Andulf has been able to attract very ambitious, clever lawyers but that are not willing to achieve success at any cost. While being very dedicated and focused to offer the most competent and best service available in our field, we truly care for each other and do our uttermost to help each other achieve this goal. Money may make the word go round, but at the end of the day other things are more important, such as our personal relationships with family, friends, colleagues and clients.

What if I do not like it, or they do not like me?

We are pretty sure that you will, most do, but understand that things do not always work out as you imagined them. We are proud to say that so far none of our former colleagues have been pushed out or left in disappointment. Instead, we have been able to communicate around joint expectations in a way that has led to people finding new places to flourish incontrolled processes. Former colleagues include partners at law firms in Stockholm and New York, bankers in Switzerland, in house counsels at major commercial banks and investment companies.